About Dancing Fools Press

In July of 1999, a tentative yet hopeful email winged its way from Washington state to Colorado, its sender lightheaded with anticipation and yet fearful of the cold, anonymous rejection that cyberspace so easily metes out. It contained a simple request in response to an offer listed on a writer's resource website: will you read my story and let me know what you think?

A gracious yes, a flurry of emails, and a whole lot of fun later, a friendship was formed upon the bedrock belief that a good story is always worth writing—and sharing. Ten years on, we've taken that belief and put it into practice, fulfilling our dreams to provide a safe, creative place where good stories can be shared and good writers can get their work out there without having to follow the traditional—and increasingly anachronistic—paths to publication.

That's what we're about, really. We love to read, we love to write (and edit!), and we know damn well that there are people out there as frustrated as we are by a monolithic system that, by its sheer weight, lets too many good writers slip through its fingers.